About Fix Them All

Fix Them All (FTA) is the new name of Pay To Spay, which incorporated in Florida and was awarded federal 501(c)(3) status in 2016.  Our mission is to incentivize the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats in order to reduce the number of unwanted animals.  To that end, we work in rural counties in North Central Florida that have relatively high euthanasia rates to help people overcome barriers to sterilizing their pets.  We provide access to surgery, motivation to get pets “fixed”, and education to help pet owners understand why this is so critically important.

Our original name, Pay To Spay, came from our idea that there would be a significant number of reluctant or recalcitrant pet owners who might be incentivized by gift cards.  However, we found the great majority of pet owners are willing and even eager to sterilize their pets, but just need help overcoming the obstacles of high cost and lack of transportation.  Our new name, Fix Them All, better reflects our mission and goals.

Owned pets that are not spayed or neutered are the primary cause of unowned (stray) animals at great cost to communities and the environment.  Free-roaming dogs and cats often suffer from parasites, hunger or injuries, and they carry disease and pose threats to pets and wildlife.  (Outdoor cats are conservatively estimated to be responsible for killing more than 1.3 billion birds and 6.3 billion mammals in the U.S. every year.)  Animal control services and shelters capture, house, occasionally re-adopt, and often euthanize these animals at tax-payer expense.  In 2018, for example, one of our county shelters took in 591 stray cats and euthanized 469 of them.  By encouraging pet owners to sterilize their dogs and cats and facilitating this by providing transportation and subsidizing the cost, Pay To Spay goes directly to the source of the problem.


Our low-cost spay/neuter program is made possible through our success in negotiating discounted procedure fees of our local veterinarians who wish to participate in our program.  We then give qualifying pet owners certificates for spay/neuter at participating practices for small co-payments ($30 for cats, $50 for dogs).  We subsidize the difference with our own funds.  We promote the availability of these services at farm stores, grocery stores, donut shops and other places where people gather as well as online.

In 2019 we were able to initiate a mobile spay/neuter clinic unit to our communities to help pet owners who may not be able to travel to get their pets sterilized.  We have held clinics in Chiefland, Old Town, Bell and Cross City.  In 2020, thanks to the generosity of the Wagmore Foundation, we have been able to hold two mobile clinics a month.

In 2020, Fix Them All joined with the Humane Society of North Central Florida (Alachua) to register Levy County residents on government assistance for free spays and neuters.  This venture allowed the Humane Society of North Central Florida to spay and neuter 51 cats and 36 dogs.


In July 2020, Fix Them All was proud to have been awarded a grant through the @Bissell Pet Foundation to further our mission.  We greatly appreciate Bissell's generosity.

Since January 2020, Fix Them All is excited to announce that we have facilitated the spaying and neutering of almost 1,000 pets.  We will continue to work hard to reduce the number of unwanted pets in the rural counties of North Central Florida.


                                     Thank you to our rescue partners!
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