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Keep it Simple -- Fix Them All

Fix Them All (FTA) has procedures in place to expedite the high volume of clients that we assist every day.  These procedures need to be followed for us to continue to provide the services that we do at the prices we offer. 

The process is simple:

1)  Review our Schedules page to see a summary of our 3 programs and available surgery dates.

2) Review the Veterinarians page to select your choice of a clinic.
3) Return to this page to submit your application and co-payment of $45 per cat or $65 per dog. ($30 cat / $50 dog Baker county residents using the Macclenny transport only.)

Click the Donate button to submit your $45 or $65 (or $30 / $50) copayment online.  (You will have to enter the correct amount.)

then click here to complete and submit the online application.


Or click here to display a PDF application form that you can print and
mail along with a check made out to "Fix Them All".

4) You will receive an email from Fix Them All within 3-4 days of submitting your application and co-payment.  Be sure to check your SPAM folder as well as your in-box.

5) If you receive a surgery certificate from us with the clinic’s name and “Surgery Date TBD”, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the clinic to set an appointment. It is also your responsibility to let FTA know what the surgery date is and if there are any changes to it.

6) If you receive a surgery certificate with the clinic’s name and a specific surgery date, FTA scheduled the surgery date for you.  If you need to reschedule the appointment, contact FTA.


Please help us keep the process simple.
* Please read the information available to you on the Veterinarians page BEFORE selecting a clinic.
* Please review the schedule located on the Events page.
* Do not give us an email address if you never check your emails.  We can contact you by phone.
* Check your spam inbox if you don’t receive an email from us within 3-4 days.
* Do not contact the clinic of your choice until you receive confirmation from us.
* Some of our clinics are booked out several months in advance. We may offer an earlier appointment at a different clinic than you selected.
* Our goal is to get your pet spayed or neutered as quickly as we can. We are here to help you but it is a circle of trust. Please show up for your appointments or cancel with at least 24 hours prior notice so that we can refill the spot.
* The state of Florida requires all dogs and cats that are 4 months or older be vaccinated against rabies.  If you can't provide proof of a current rabies vaccine, your pet will be vaccinated the day of surgery and you will be responsible to pay the fee directly to the clinic. 
* Your co-payment will be matched with your application.  If your payment is made with a different name than the name on the application, please indicate the payment name in the "Remarks" area of the application.

* Please be aware that veterinarians will charge extra for certain conditions as noted on the Veterinarians page. Those charges are payable by you to the clinic on the day of surgery.

* If you have any questions they may be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If not, feel free to contact us by emailing

Fix Them All reserves the right to refuse service to amateur or professional breeders of dogs or cats, or to anyone we have reason to suspect is a breeder.
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