Frequently Asked Questions

Fix Them All is a non-profit organization maintained by volunteers.  We are pleased that we are able to offer reasonable prices for spay and neuter surgeries.  We do this by participating with various veterinarians in the area and paying the balance of the cost of the surgeries with funds from donations and grants. 

If you can't find an answer to your questions here, please feel free to contact us.

1. When will I get my surgery certificate?

Generally 3-4 days after the application and co-payment are submitted. Surgery certificates are only issued for our participating vet clinic program.

2. Does the surgery certificate get mailed via post office or email?

The surgery certificate will be emailed.  If you don’t have an email, the surgery certificate can be texted to you.

3. Does Fix Them All make the appointment for me, and if so, when?

You must make the appointment after you receive the surgery certificate unless you selected Trenton Animal Hospital.  We have pre-set surgery dates assigned to us by Trenton Animal Hospital. 

4. When do I pick up my pet after surgery?

You will be told a pickup time at check-in.

5. Can I get a refund of my co-payment?

No, Fix Them All does not refund co-payments.  If you are unable to use your surgery certificate by the expiration date on the certificate, contact us.  We can extend the expiration date or permit the co-payment to be transferred to another pet.  Certificates that are not used within 6 months of issue will be automatically cancelled and the co-payments used for prospective clients who cannot afford the co-payment.

6. Who should I call if I have a post-surgery situation?

Call the vet clinic that did the surgery.  If it is outside normal business hours, the clinic's voicemail will refer you to an emergency vet number.

7.  What if I can't get an appointment before the expiration date on the surgery certificate?

Please contact us.  Only Fix Them All can extend the expiration date on your certificate.

8.  What if I miss my appointment?

Please call the vet to reschedule.

9. I have a surgery certificate.  Can I go to any participating vet clinic?

No.  You must contact us to have the surgery certificate reissued for another clinic.  The only exception to this is if your certificate is issued to Archer Animal Hospital or Gainesville Animal Hospital West.  These two clinics are associated with each other and can help you transfer to the other clinic.

10. I received a surgery certificate for a clinic but decided I want to use the mobile unit or one of the transport programs instead.

Contact us to cancel the surgery certificate and reassign you to the mobile unit or transport.

11.  Why is there a weight limit of 40 pounds for the AVS mobile unit?

Due to the size of the unit and kennels inside the unit, dogs over 40 pounds must use one of our other programs.  This is for the health and safety of your pet.

12. Why does my cat have to be in a carrier?

Veterinarians require cat carriers for the health and safety of your pet.

13.  Why do stray and feral cats have to arrive in traps?

Veterinarians require traps for the safety and health of the feral cat.  Also it is easier for the vet to administer pre-surgery medication to the cat.

14.  Why is there a limit of 2 cats per family?

This allows multiple pet owners to take advantage of our program.  We will consider allowing litters of kittens to be taken to the same vet together.

15.  Why is rabies vaccine required?

This is a State of Florida requirement that all vets must follow.

16. Why is a rabies tag not sufficient proof of rabies vaccination?

The rabies tag does not identify the animal that got the vaccine or the expiration date of the vaccination.

17.  Why does Trenton Animal Hospital require additional vaccinations?

Additional vaccination requirements are at the discretion of the veterinary clinic.  Trenton Animal Hospital feels strongly that the additional vaccination further protects the animal.

18.  Why can't Fix Them All volunteers answer my health questions about my pet?

Our volunteers are not trained veterinary technicians.  We highly recommend that you contact a veterinary clinic for professional advice.

19.  How do I become a volunteer for Fix Them All?

Contact Jo Ellen at 352-281-8205, and thanks!  You will be given an application to complete that will help us match your skills with our needs.  We could not fix them all without the efforts of our dedicated and much appreciated volunteers!

20.  Why do I have to pay the co-payment up-front before the surgery?

We collect the co-payment up-front to know you are serious about getting your pet fixed.  When someone does not show up for an appointment, everyone loses.  The valuable surgery space and the vet's valuable time have been wasted.  A pet did not get fixed.

21.  Why do you want to know if my pet is pregnant?

If there is a possibility your pet is pregnant, please let us know on the application or when you talk with a Fix Them All volunteer.  We will try to get the earliest possible surgery date for your pet.  The earlier a pregnant pet is spayed, the easier it is on her.  If your pet is too far along in her pregnancy, the vet may refuse to spay her.

22.  How can Fix Them All offer such low-cost spay and neuter?

Absolutely due to the generosity of our participating veterinary clinics, mobile vet, transport programs, our dedicated volunteers, our donors, and the organizations that honor us with their grant funds.  Fix Them All is truly blessed.

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